The beach city of Tamarindo in Costa Rica is a world tourist destination. Besides having many attraction sites such as the natural vegetation, it is a home to several wild animals. These wild animals range from birds to sea animals such as Leatherback turtles to mammals and reptiles. Conservation of the wildlife in this area is of great concern as shown by the presence of many national parks.the national parks found in Tamarindo are

  • Las Baulas National Marine Park. Las Baulas is a tourist attraction site mainly because of the type of wildlife it provides a home for. The wildlife found here include the Leatherback turtle, Iguanas, and dolphins. Las Baulas National Marine Park is an important sea turtle nesting site and a remarkable place to visit for a person visiting Tamarindo. Las Baulas is the largest Leatherback turtle nesting site in the world hence a must see site for tourists. The Leatherback turtles are endangered species in the world and therefore these sandy beaches of Tamarindo provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to tourists to see this fascinating wildlife.
  • Santa Rosa National Park. Santa Rosa National Park was established in the year 1971. It provides a home for about 250 bird species and 115 mammals. The wild animals likely to be found here are the big cats, howler monkeys, iguanas and white-faced monkeys.
  • Palo Verde Bird watching paradise. In this fascinating bird watching point, one is likely to see a wide variety of migratory birds. These birds include egrets, storks, and herons. There are also other wild animals such as crocodiles, Iguanas, and monkeys. This national park provides a fascinating scenery for all who love bird watching.
  • Barra Honda National Park. Barra Honda National Park is a home to various types of wildlife such as reptiles, mammals, amphibians and birds. These wild animals include skunks, deer, hawks, howler monkeys, boas and much more.

Special wildlife and their characteristics in Tamarindo

The City of Tamarindo has got the privilege of being the home of one of the endangered species in the world and the world’s largest reptile the Leatherback sea turtle. These beaches often receive the turtles during certain times of the year when they come to lay their eggs. This Leatherback sea turtle has the following characteristics

  • It has a leather-like back instead of the hard shell that the other turtles have
  • It has parallel dorsal ridges at the upper side of the shell
  • The shell is flexible and not rigid like the other turtles. This enables it to dive deep into the water.
  • They can dive as deep as the jellyfish


Tourists find a wide range of choices to choose from when it comes to visiting national parks and watching wildlife. The bird watching experience leaves unforgettable events in the minds of the tourists. All these national parks in Tamarindo have several species of animals and therefore making it possible to watch several of them in the same place. All the unique wildlife coupled with good conservation ensures that the beach city of Tamarindo remains one of the best tourist attraction destinations in Costa Rica.