Invest in an incredible way of life for under $200,000

We are pleased to offer early bird long stay specials for Winter 2018. We offer 30 nights starting Wednesday, January 17 to Friday, February 16, at $3,700 USD, including all taxes. This rate includes twice a week cleanings with towel and linen changes. Tenant pays utilities estimated at $300 per month.

We offer a second four weeks starting Friday, February 16 to Sunday, March 18, 30 nights, at $3,300 USD, including all taxes. This rate includes twice a week cleanings with towel and linen changes. Tenant pays utilities estimated at $300 per month.

Do you want to come earlier? New Year is the busiest and most expensive time of year. Costa Rica families come to the beaches December 26 and leave January 1. Occupancy is always 100%. Our owners receive $565 a night for six nights, including taxes and utilities, for a total of $3,390 for the week. This, plus Easter rents, pays a year’s expenses. Because of this, we do not recommend a long stay vacation that bridges this period.

Still, if you do come South early, we offer a three-months-long stay Wednesday, December 13 to Wednesday, March 21, at $5,000 per month, $15,000 USD, including all taxes. The last eight nights are free. Tenant pays utilities estimated at $300 per month.

For early snowbirds, we offer a 30 night long stay from November 15 to December 15 for only $2,200 USD, including all taxes. Tenant pays utilities estimated at $300 per month. This rate includes twice a week cleanings with towel and linen changes. If Jack Frost is not your friend, and you want to take your pick of real estate for sale before everyone else arrives, this is a great time to visit.

A two-season long stay option is a five-month-long stay from Wednesday, January 10, to Wednesday, June 20, for $12,000 USD, including all taxes. The tenant pays utilities, estimated at $300 a month. This costs less because it avoids the week after Christmas and includes the off-season months of April, May, and June.

To visit in the Green Season because you want to see the weather at its most rainy before you buy, we recommend October. You also can see the mass arrival of Olive Ridley turtles that come ashore once a year to lay eggs.

It is our secret that weather is terrific from April through mid-August and even into September many years. Surf’s up, fish are biting and the weather turns dry again in July for what Costa Ricans call “Little Summer”.

We have had terrific people stay at The Oaks who have come to us from one of Canada’s premier travel agencies, Merit Travel, also from Expedia, especially with its partnership with American Express, and, for weekly visits, also from Interval International. As word continues to spread, we encourage early bookings. Call our Miami number, (786) 245-7837 or email for quick service.

We have had a fantastic winter season. Merit Travel brought a great group of retired Canadians from the Toronto  area for the month of February.  They were a delightful group. We also welcomed our first guests from Interval International.

Easter Week, or Semana Santa (Spanish for Holy Week) starts  Friday.  Semana Santa is the second largest national holiday after New Year, and we will be 100% full with vacationers from San Jose.  Looking past Easter, April, May and June are ideal for people who want to see the natural beauty of Costa Rica. Prices will be lower. Beaches will be less crowded. The next Costa Rica school vacations begin in July through the first half of August, so we will have fewer visitors from San Jose through June. Temperatures will fall from the 90s to the 80s, spring showers will arrive, and within a week the landscape and parks will be lush and green.  Nature will come alive. It will be a perfect time to add the tropical rain forests to your tour. We have an ample list of places to go and things to do which we will share with you soon, including our top two suggestions for May and June.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new website – redesigned from the ground up for easier use, readability and accessibility.

Feel free to look around and please contact us if there is any information that you’d like to see added. You can always call or email us with questions – we are here for you.