Tamarindo is a well-known summer spot for its beaches. But, a lot of people do not know that this relaxing location has some crazy night parties. In fact, in the recent years, it has become a famous spot for its nightlife in Costa Rica.

Reasons for choosing Tamarindo for your late hours

What sets apart Tamarindo from other locations, is the fact that the parties are often organized on the beach. Tourists and even locals like this style of dancing with the sand on your feet and the smell of the sea. In fact, the clubs are often visited even by celebrities, who are really keen to Tamarindo’s way of partying. The other reason lies in the diversity of events. The town may be small, but its night activities are vast. Tamarindo’s nightlife offers every night a different event at a different club. The clubs near the beach have kept true to the carefree style of the town. They have that classic rustic style for a beach party. However, other clubs have focused on elegance and a more modern look. This, mixed with the different music offered (from salsa, local Latin music to hip-hop and other more modern English rhythms), allows Tamarindo to be a late-night destination for every kind of tourist.

Popular nightclubs

There are a lot of good spots to pass your nights, but let us mention some popular choices:

  • Aqua Discotheque. This place is famous for its breakfasts in Tamarindo. Yet, it is also a fantastic night club. Aqua Discotheque offers music for locals and foreigner tourists alike. The latter seem really keen on trying to stand on the mechanical bull. It is located near the beach. This is especially important to tourists, who like to go out and relax near the coast after a vivid party or a bull ride! Check out their site here:¬†https://www.facebook.com/DiscotequeAqua/
  • The Crazy Monkey Bar. This club is open-air. It offers every night two different arenas. One has a local band playing Latin music, while the other has a DJ playing the latest hits. The place is near the coast and is the perfect example of Tamarindo’s nightlife style. You can dance at the beach or at the terrace. The Crazy Monkey Bar often organizes special events with artists that perform for the public. It does get pretty crowded though since it is one of the most popular party spots.
  • Sharky’s. Sharky’s is in fact a sport bar during the day. In the night, the same as a lot of other places in Tamarindo, it becomes a great spot for parties. The crowd is usually young since it is near several hostels. The music and the drinks are well-liked. What makes Sharky’s special is the fact that it organizes events such as beer pong contests. Considering Sharky’s beer, it is easy to understand why these competitions are so popular.

In conclusion, Tamarindo has its own style of night activities. Even locals from nearby modern cities come here to pass some unique late hours. Here, it does not matter whether you are young, old, a local or a foreigner looking to buy a condo in Tamarindo, Tamarindo’s nightlife has something for everyone!