Fly & Buy. Invest for under $349,000. Get $1500 to help cover your winter in Costa Rica.

    We have had a fantastic winter season. Merit Travel brought a great group of retired Canadians from the Toronto  area for the month of February.  They were a delightful group. We also welcomed our first guests from Interval International.

    Easter Week, or Semana Santa (Spanish for Holy Week) starts  Friday.  Semana Santa is the second largest national holiday after New Year, and we will be 100% full with vacationers from San Jose.  Looking past Easter, April, May and June are ideal for people who want to see the natural beauty of Costa Rica. Prices will be lower. Beaches will be less crowded. The next Costa Rica school vacations begin in July through the first half of August, so we will have fewer visitors from San Jose through June. Temperatures will fall from the 90s to the 80s, spring showers will arrive, and within a week the landscape and parks will be lush and green.  Nature will come alive. It will be a perfect time to add the tropical rain forests to your tour. We have an ample list of places to go and things to do which we will share with you soon, including our top two suggestions for May and June.


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